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Branding Flare Frequently Asked Questions

How does BrandingFlare work? How do you guys grow my account?

Basically we take the targeting you provide us, build a bigger list of potential followers, then engage with those potential followers. By engaging with these accounts, we encourage them to view your profile and follow if they like your content. Because of this, our success is highly dependent on the quality of your content. Due to this, each account will grow at various rates.

Do you follow/unfollow, like, comment, etc?

We do follow and unfollow. We follow roughly 200 people a day, and unfollow 200 people a day. We mute the people we follow in order to keep your feed clean and spam free. We unfollow everyone we follow 2-3 days after they were followed. We cap the total number of people we remain following at any given time to 1500. We can lower this number if you’re worried about follow ratio, but this will slow down your growth.

We do not comment at all. We see this as spammy and non-genuine. We also do not like by default but can enable this for you.

We also offer the ability to just like to grow your account, but this will drastically reduce your growth, down to roughly 4-5x less than your estimate given for follow/unfollow.

Is this safe?

Yes, this is incredibly safe! We take industry leading precautions to keep your account safe and running smoothly. We do a full 2 week warm-up period, and keep what we’re doing well within and under the official Instagram limits. We’ve never had an account get banned, or disabled and do this on our own personal accounts as well. We have an expert growth team that keeps your safety as it’s number one priority!

How can I trust you?

Most other services don’t attach their personal name/brand to the service. I do. For more information about me, see this page:

I attach my name and my personal reputation to this project, so I take it extremely seriously and do my best to provide an honest, reliable and trustworthy service. I do this for a living so my dogs can eat and live a happy life. I wouldn’t put their well being at risk by providing a sketchy service. I put it all on the line and make sure I’m fully transparent about what we do.

Do you offer a guarantee/refunds?

We do not offer any guarantees but we do give you a general estimated amount of growth and try our best to hit those numbers.

Due to the nature of our business, once we start using resources and get going, we cannot offer a refund unless we fail to deliver on any level. Generally within your first 24 hours to a week, we can offer a refund, but after that point we’ve invested too much time and money into your account. If you’re dissatisfied, let us know and we’ll do our best to remedy the issue.

I was with another service and my account was blocked and unable to follow. Can you do anything about that?

Basically what happened there was your previous service was operating well above Instagrams new action limits. If your account is already blocked you’re welcome to sign up with us but we’ll have to wait until your account is able to follow again. We monitor Instagram changes very carefully in order to avoid our clients running into issues like this. You’re in good hands here. We don’t hide and wait until you let us know there’s an issue. If something new comes up, you’ll be the first to know. Like I said before, 100% full transparency with us. We’re in this together!

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

We don’t have any sort of dashboard for you to login to. If you need to update your password you can do so here:

Update Password


If you would like to update your targeting you can either use the form here:

Or send us an email at


If you need to update your payment information, you can do so here:

Do you report stats?

Not currently. We’re still working out the best possible way to report stats to you. If you want to see some stats on your growth, we can provide some general numbers. Just email us at